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Friday, 30 November 2012

man... I should just put this on WTF?!!!!

Remember to go to memecenter for more ;)

WTF?!!!! (16)

just LOL

Did You Know? (12)

Did You Know? That Vlade is one of my favorite memecenter users 

OK I cant put the picture here cause its too big but see the picture here

oh wait I think I can do it now

WTF?!!! (15)

Yeah this one just WTF!!!


I already seen it a couple of times but just now I'm sharing

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Today I went to memecenter again.... I stopped a while because of skyrim but I just want to see memecenter one more time and Im addicted to it again.... -_- greaattt

no title needed....
just sharing my memes..... 

not to make you like my memes though....

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My favorite rage comic so far!!! XD