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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Skyrim FF : The Harbinger of the Companions (Journal Log : 6)

Vilkas said that the Dragonborn helped to avenge Kodlak, which resides here. He said if I knew Kodlak, I would have seen him right then.

The Dragonborn is the Harbinger of the Companions..... "Then why has he abandoned the Companions? " I asked Vilkas. Its irritating for me.

The Dragonborn is the leader of the companions! Then the companions should not be in this kind of state! In my heart I screamed, the Companions is a group of warriors that non can compete. So why? WHY IS THE COMPANIONS ARE ALL DISSAPEARED? 

"He didn't abandoned us, but he moved on. Just like Kodlak" Vilkas said to me.

"He has the entire world on his shoulder, we cannot follow him. We still continued to serve by his side, until the day that once struck like before. The Jorrvaskr is attacked again by the Silver Hand."

Vilkas then continued talking about what happened that day.

I already known this story on my travels, the mighty Companions downfall. After that attack by the Silver Hand, people began to spread rumors. That the Circle of the Companions are Werewolves.

And sometime later the circle confessed that they are what the people have said.

The people began to detest the Companions.

Then one night an angry mob began to gather in front of the Jorrvaskr. The circle member of the Companions gave up, and they began to leave the mead hall.

And after hearing Vilkas story I began to wonder.

Where is the Harbinger? Where is the one that has been trusted to lead the Companions? 


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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Skyrim FF : Newcomer of Jorrvaskr (Journal Log : 5)

After Vilkas surprised me I then told him what am I doing here.

"I see, so Tilma sent you here. Very well" said Vilkas.

He asked me to follow him, then he placed the Wuuthrad to the Ysgramor statue suddenly a door opens. While I was following him, he asks why am I so curious about the Dragonborn. I answered "I'm researching the Dragonborn." and he just nods.

While I was following him Vilkas then told me about the Dragonborn from his point of view. He said when the Dragonborn asks to join the companions, he objects. He said that the Companions should not just recruit everyone that wants to join, but Kodlak reassures him.

When we talked we go through a various of tombs, spider nest, then in the end we went to this hall with a fire in the center.

"This place is when he became the Harbinger" said Vilkas.

He? The Dragonborn is a man? And he is the companions Harbinger? That is ridiculous. There are no such things in the tales of the Dragonborn.

"How can someone like him became the Harbinger? Why not you?" I asked Vilkas.

"He is the bravest of us all, even though he was just a welp. He can carried the world on his shoulder"

Me and Vilkas sat down by the fire at the center of the hall, he then tells the story when Kodlak Whitemane died. Many people know this story. The story when the Jorrvaskr is ransacked by bandits.

The bandits that will come again.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Skyrim FF : One of the Companions (Journal Log : 4)

One day, I go to the mead hall of Jorrvaskr to meet Tilma the Haggard again. But she rejected me, she said,

"I have no more stories for you deary. But you seem so determined, so I think you should meet him."

Tilma the Haggard said that I should meet someone that can explain more about the Dragonborn. I don't know who he is but I've been sent to go to Ysgramor tomb.

I don't know who to expect there.

I go to Ysgramor tomb, its an ancient place. Its covered in webs, and dirt.

But somehow its clean? Not the type of clean that most people think, but the ruins here are like neat.

I go to the center of the entrance to look at the Ysgramor statue, and this statue is not covered in webs or dirt.

Its bizzare.

I know that I supposed to meet someone here, but I didn't expect that someone is living here.

I heard a scream "WHO'S THERE?!"

I looked to my back and there I saw a person, holding the Wuuthrad in his hand.

Its Vilkas

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Skyrim FF : The Companions (Journal Log : 3)

There are rumors here that "the kindly stranger" walk with the companions. But there are no such stories about the Dragonborn ever joined The Companions. But the locals here in Whiterun are so sure that the kindly stranger often go to the halls of Jorrvaskr.

The mead hall of Jorrvaskr is big place, and the back of the mead hall has forge known by the citizen of Tamriel. Which is the Skyforge.

And now my writings is based on a statement by Tilma the Haggard. I interviewed her who is still serving in Jorrvaskr after all this years "I've been tending the warriors of Jorrvaskr for as long as I remember" I quoted her.

She said that the "kindly stranger" came here before he is known to be the Dragonborn we know now. Tilma said the Dragonborn came to talk to Kodlak Whitemane, who is the current Harbinger at that time to join the companions.

Tilma the Haggard said that the Dragonborn needs to prove its worth by sparring with one of its member of The Companions which is Vilkas. Its hard to try to believe that the Dragonborn is going to spar, even though later he will slay the World Eater Alduin.

Tilma the Haggard then continued to speak of the adventures of the Dragonborn when he is still in the Companions. Its still hard to believe that the Dragonborn was once a part of this great guild.  

It would be nice if I can see the mead hall in its former glory, when the Dragonborn still resides here. 

When there are still some members left.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Halooo semua readers blog gua, terima kasih untuk yang selalu baca skyrim fan fiction gua (much appreciated). 

Habis ini gua akan posting skyrim fan fiction gua tentang story arc yang baru ya tentang "The Companions"

Di tunggu ya semua!

Hello to all my blog readers! Much appreciated to the ones that always read my Skyrim fan fiction.

After this post I will post a new Skyrim fan fiction story arc about "The Companions."

Hope you all enjoy!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Skyrim FF : Kynareth Blessing (Journal : Log 2)

There are a lots of things that I heard from the Whiterun locals about the Dragonborn. But the first one that I researched is the Gildergreen tree that has been revived.

Until now I never know that the one that revived the Gildergreen is actually the Dragonborn! The story of the revival of the Gildergreen that most people know, is revived by Maurice Jondrelle. When I ask the priest that's in charge of the Temple of Kynareth on Whiterun said that "The previous priest ask the kindly stranger to revived the Gildergreen, she asks the kindly stranger to retrieve the Nettlebane on orphan rock. And ask to retreive the Eldergleam sap." Nettlebane is known by the only blade that can be used to retrieved the sap of the Eldergleam. With this information I know where I must go next.

I go to the Eldergleam Sanctuary to know what the Dragonborn did. The Eldergleam Sanctuary is a beautiful place, it really is a place that Kynareth blessed.

Once I got in I ask the pilgrims there about what the Dragonborn did, the pilgrims were angry at me "Don't you dare to tell that name in here again! He has defiled this blessed sanctuary!" I was shocked.

The priest that in charge of the Temple of Kynareth is Whiterun did not tell me this story. For a priest of Kynareth she should have known better what it means by retrieving the sap from the Gildergreen.

And then I ask about Maurice Jondrelle to the other pilgrims there. They told me that he conviced the Dragonborn to bring a sapling  to the priest of Temple Kynareth in Whiterun.

Now here is when truth becomes cloudy, if Maurice Jondrelle convinced the Dragonborn to just take the sapling from the Gildergreen, then why the pilgrims there still hates the Dragonborn? And how come a mere man like Maurice Jondrelle can make the Gildergreen grow a sapling just by praying to it?

From what I researched I think that the Dragonborn is more tangled with fate more than I think. The Dragonborn did not just slain the world eater, but the Dragonborn also confronts with the divines themselves. The divines helped the Dragonborn to meet his or her destiny.

The more that I researched the Dragonborn, the more I became interested of the Dragonborn. Now I wrote this in an inn in Whiterun called the Bannered Mare. I will continue my research tomorrow.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Story dikit tentang (kucing) gua

Yap sesuai dengan tulisan yang diatas, gua akan sedikit cerita tentang gua.

So. Jadi gua punya kucing namanya sapi (ya gua tau itu nama hewan lain)

And kucing gua yang ini sedang sakit. Semoga-moga sih sembuh nanti. (tadi gua pengen ngasih foto kucing gua tapi lupa dimana fotonya)

Karena gua ga ada fotonya akan gua deskripsiin sapi itu kayak gimana kucingnya dia itu berwarna hitam putih (karena itu gua kasih nama sapi, jadi ga terlalu aneh kan) dia itu kucing jenis kampung, walaupun sebenarnya jenis dia itu campur (bokapnya anggora, dan nyokapnya kampung) dia lebih dapet gen kampung. oh and btw dia jantan.

Kucing gua yang bernama sapi ini udah ada sejak gua SD kelas 2 atau 3 gua ga terlalu inget. Dan sekarang gua ngetik ini disaat gua menduduki kelas 3 SMA. Udah berapa tahun tuh? sekitar 9 tahunan.

Kalo ga salah dulu gua pertama kali dapet si sapi ini dikasih sama temennya nyokap gua. Dan semenjak itu dia hidup bersama gua.

Dan kalo ga salah disaat dia berumur 3 tahun dan mungkin gua waktu itu udah SMP dia itu pernah kecelakaan jatuh, apa ketabrak gitu gua lupa. Dan tulang belakang atau tulang punggungnya patah atau geser gua lupa, tapi masih hidup (pasti nya lah masa hidup ampe sekarang dia udah mati dulu) waktu itu sih kalo ga salah di kasih tahu oleh dokternya untuk di operasi dan dikasih semacam pelat besi dipunggungnya. Tapi ga dijalanin operasinya. Untungnya sih tulangnya yang patah atau geser itu ga ngeganggu sistem-sistem nya yang lain (kaya pendarahan, paru-paru, dan pencernaan)

Dia itu kucing terlama yang gua punya,. Dia selalu nemenin gua disaat ortu gua pergi dan gua sedniri di rumah, gua selalu ditemenin dia. Dan dia itu adalah kucing yang sangat loyal. Di saat keluarga gua pergi misalnya, dia itu pasti selalu nyapa gua dan keluarga gua didepan pintu.