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Monday, 18 November 2013

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Creative Box : Paintings and some jar.

Ok guys, sorry for not blogging more at this time but anyway look what I made. Its an assignment from my teacher to paint some jar (or somethingI forgot whats the english for it). I called it "Many Faces of Doraemon" By the way I hope you like it.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Thoughts From The Box : Assassins creed 4 : Black Flag (updated)

          Okay here is the post you've been waiting for the review on Assassins creed 4 : Black Flag, based on my opinions. Okay Assassins Creed 4 take place of Edward Kenway, Connor Kenway grand pappy the main character from Assassins Creed 3. I haven't play that much of Assassins Creed 4 but the playthrough is interesting and I definitely want to play more, there's something about the gameplay that makes me want to play more and its kind of different than the previous Assassins Creed.

       The controls seems to a little bit improved from Assassins Creed 3 and the controls for the boat is fascinating it certainly is easier than Assassins Creed 3. From the story that I already played it seems so interesting that makes you wonder what happen to Edward? How is his grand pappy a pirate and his grand son is a soldier who served the country? It soo interesting. And the map is freakishly big, it has a lot of islands that has treasures, maps and etc. And if you go around the first city you go, now we can have some assassination targets for some money to collect, and it really interesting because besides doing some main missions the side missions is pretty much enjoyable than the previous assassins creed game. Beside the assassination job if you already acquire your boat you can ask a bartender for some rumors or maybe just travel around the map collecting treasures, and others.
      Lets talk more about the ships, the ships is the one that really stand out in this game. The way you control the game way you control the ship is seem's to be improved, and more bad ass by the way and now you can go to other ships and steal their crew and their stocks, the thing that makes it even better is the upgrades and I will tell about that in the next paragraph.(First pictures! yeayy pictures)

        Now about the upgrade its kind of a different than the previous assassins creed now you are not only can upgrade your armor and weapons, now we can upgrade our ships which IS AWESOME. And the upgrades for the armor is became more interesting cause now you must obtained some certain materials for your upgrades, which is for me its really nice! To collect materials for your upgrades is certainly is better than just buy the upgrade (on my opinion though) and because of the material collecting for upgrades this makes the upgrade makes it more cheap.
       Man I would like to talk more about the story but then SPOILER ALERTS and I dont want to ruined your game. If you dont have the game just buy it, its really worth it. Soo here is my conclusion :

STORY         : 4.5 OUT OF 5
MUSIC/FX  : 4.5 OUT OF 5
DIALOGUE  : 4.2 OUt OF 5

And that is Thoughts From the Box today later I will review something..... I dont know what but something

Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Good Morning Walk

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog, its story time again. So today I went walking around my home in the morning (actually I do that in every sunday morning) with some friends of course. Best  of Friends and I did this yada yada yada and did that yada yada yada oh and I found this road and its majestic 
majestic right? Well enough of that after this I will post my opinion on Assassins Creed IV : Black Flag


Woohooo just got back from my friend birthday celebration and I am (almost) exhausted its 0:01 here and I am blogging (hell yeah!). Well if you guessed what am I gonna blog now, I am gonna blog about what happen at my friend birthday celebration. Ok first things first the birthday boy 
look at the guy ----> (the one on the right)
we celebrate his birthday since 5 PM and ends in 8 PM well its kind of long if you ask me, and we didn't for the first hour even ordering! We just sit there talk about some non sense and wait for the others to come. And since he was the one that is paying well I kind of used this opportunity and order the most expensive meal they got (LOL). 
nah of course not I still have some self respect I only order the second most expensive food they got which is sorloin steak its somewhere near 80.000 IDR yeah there's this opportunity then why not take it right? Yeah I'm kind of a despicable dude. Anyway its not only me though that order some pretty expensive meal that time there's one friend of mind that ordered the same food same food as me (sorloin steak) and there's one more that order something that's more expensive than me and that is Tenderloin steak which is if I remembered it well its 97.000 IDR. Which I kind of tricked him by the way (yikes) well here's the story
before we all order something  in the one hour of waiting our friend me and my friends is talking about going to buy the most expensive meal they got, (its risky to talk about it in my blog... I hope he doesn't found my blog LOL) so the expensive meal they got is tenderloin steak and which I said above I still have some respect so I chose the SECOND expensive meal they got. And you know he doesn't know that I chose to order the second expensive meal the got. Well and of course this is so much fun while we celebrate our friend birthday there's cake and stuff and there's something that called the SINGLE'S TABLE.
Well almost all of our friend that come there has their girlfriend come and yet me and my friend, well we the SINGLE'S are kind of separates from the couples
 and we call it the single's table because one of my friend that brought his girlfriend tells us "you know what this line is? Its the line of the SINGLE'S" OH MY GOD it hurts my heart to the core (JK by the way) well almost by the way. Oh and I almost forgot the brand 
oh yeah bitches intagram this LOL its black coffee by the way, and the steak is beautiful but lack seasoned and the garnish is excellent and the sauce its a little bit to salty but nice overall the coffee is the one of the most thing that I liked though. Well I think thats it for today's story of my life and I am going to continue tomorrow where I am going to review Assassins Creed IV : Black Flag (yeah pirates bitch). See ya (oh and here's some more pics what happened there)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

motherfucking FEELS!!!!

*sigh* I became really sad right now because of today cartoons. You see I was watching Adventure Time and do you know the episode when Finn the human is trying to get over flame princess and go to that infinite train? You know why I got the feels? cause I went there..... and its making me having flashback you know... *sigh* 
 and then when its over I watched regular show and there's and episode at the end of season 4 where Mordecai was having a date with Margaret and at the of the date (while being shoot at) he get fucking REJECTED by her because she wanted to go to her desired college. *sigh* and before I watched that episode I watch an episode that you know the episode where Mordecai and the gang (Rigby, Margaret, Irlene you know if you didn't know) go to make out mountain/look out mountain. And Rigby makes fun of Mordecai because he's got FRIENDZONED and that space asteroid god that became the friendzoned guardian.... It feels like the show is mocking me you know, because of the friendzoned stuff and gets rejected from a girl that you like full of your heart but too scared to say it because scared to be REJECTED you know what let me put a picture down here 
 ok then lets continue now I am gonna told you one more episode of regular show that makes me want to rise up again after those episodes cause those episode makes me have the feels, the first episode of season 5 of regular show which is the one that Mordecai is in deep depression because Margaret rejected him (or left him still its pretty saddening) so there's a lot of steps for Mordecai to rise up from that depression and then step by step he rose up, BUT he became emotional again because Margaret left her sweater at Moredecai's and he said he is gonna mailed the sweater but then he drove 20 fucking hours just to deliver her sweater.... And it kind of spoke to me you know.... I mean that is just an excuse to meet her right? I think I do those stuff at the past but I forgot what i did but I remembered that I got my Ex pretty pissed..... But then seeing this episode with my perfect sense and I think I became an obsessed creep at that time because I want her with me so bad. *sigh* but then who cares right? Since the past is the past and this is the perfect picture to let go of my feels