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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

You Dont Like It, But I Do

Do you whats wrong about this world? People is always comment everything we liked or hated. If I says I like "this" then someone will say "Really, you like "this"?, why?".Well you know what I like that if you don't like that then its your problem, and if you like that than I don't, that's my problem don't say "Why you doesn't like that. its the greatest thing in the world". That's my business don't interfere with your problems that you don't like, your not the boss of me. I'm the boss of myself no one can interfere with my personal things. So if I like it then you don't like it or I don't like it and you do than that's my business, and if you like it then I don't or you don't like it and I do then that's your problem.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Do You Know What Am I Really Hate 2

I really hate if the internet doesn't works. In the middle of playing an on-line game, and suddenly the internet stop working, then the next internet starts again I'm already lose the game. Maybe if I'm twittering then the internet just stop, I cant mention back, follow back. And if I'm open my Facebook playing Empires & Allies, Wild Ones then the internet just stops. That's just the thing I just hate the most (I think)

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Angry? And Can Not Control It ?

When you are in a rage mode you need to control it, don't use it to slam the door, smash the furniture and use it to yelled someone beneath you. You need to control it, if you can't control it you can get into trouble for example you can get fired if you yelled someone beneath you, you can be yelled by the neighbor next door if you lives in an apartment or hotel or maybe part of your family is annoy if you live in a house with your family if you slam a door, and you pay for that furniture man!! you want that being smashed but remembered that you pay for it and if you smashed a furniture and its turned out its your friends, part of your families, your roommate, and maybe its a stuff from work. You need to control it if you cant , you could lose your job, lose someone in your relationship. If you cant control it then you need to buy something that can erase your anger if there no stuff that can help you then call a shrink. If its still cant then buy a toy or a doll to smash it. But remember before you releases your anger to something or someone. Just think first OK ???

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Dude I Was Thinking 2

If you have a seven billion dollars what will you do to that money? will you buy a new car or have it for bath of money or you gonna deposit it to bank? or you take it for charity or buy allot of video games or use it for your dreams?

Friday, 24 June 2011

Is It Good To Be Single ?

There's a good thing about it and there's a bad thing about it. If you are single you can do whatever you want to do , hanging out with friends, play video games whenever you want and no one is telling you what to do (accept for parents) but then if you are single you don't have someone to take if no others friends can't go with you, having fun as a couple and you feel love.And now the good thing if you are a couple is I already tell you that before and now the bad thing if you are a couple is sometimes you can't have fun with your friends maybe because she or he feels the "fun" thing to do with your friends are gross, sometimes you just make one mistake but it can lead you to a breakup . So is it good to be single?. So yes and no.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Do You Know What Am I Really Hate 1

I'm really hate if someone use my computer or laptop without asking. I mean do you know that kinda my privacy?. And you use the computer and laptop until it's get a virus after that you just stop using the computer or laptop and say " dude it's not my fault ". It's take 3 week's till the virus gone, yeah thank's allot.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Jeez What An Idiot

So get this,at a vacation not very long ago, at my school I got a friend named ***** saying want to go to France tomorrow. All my friend believe him but me and the Trojan crew (My group at school) doesn't believe and you know why?, Because he is hanging out at my place tomorrow HA HA HA what an idiot. If I were him I would never leave the house until the vacation over ( the vacation it's only two week's ) and of course he still remembers saying " I'm going to France tomorrow " but he doesn't remembers when he was going to my house HA HA HA HA what an idiot. Aww man If I were him I'm soo embarrassed .

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dude I Was Thinking 1

If there's a plane crashing to your house what will you do? Will you run or wake up from your dream or you just stay there and died. Maybe tell the pilot to crash the neighbor house because the neighbor is a pain in the ass right?.

Do you want to be single until your in college?? I don't think so

I have a friend that want to be single until college, and I think " man your an idiot ",  I mean seriously why do you want be single until you in college?? seriously tell me. and I'm here to tell you why you shouldn't do that because that just stupid , I mean come on you want to be single until your in college or you can have an awesome thing to do with your girlfriend if you know what I'm mean. If you want to be single until your in college that's a dumbest idea I ever heard, I mean you never been kissed , and maybe you are not ready for a really serious relationship like getting married. But if you are not single until your in college you can have fun with your girlfriend and hanging out with your couple friends and what if you are just the only single girl or boy from your friends. If I meet you than I will say " You are a stupidest dude I ever see " . And if you do that I think you will die alone.