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Thursday, 19 December 2013

You know I was playing Mass Effect 1 for a couple of days (2 or 3 days precisely) and guess what..... I FINISHED IT?!!! WHAT THE HELL?!! 3 OR 2 DAYS AND I JUST FINISHED IT?!!! Well don't get me wrong, the game is amazingly beautiful the mechanics is still pretty stiff though and its the first from the sequel, but seriously I played it on medium difficulty and even though I died constantly and forgot to quick save and leads to RAGE QUIT but seriously its so short, the game play is so short other than having the amazing story the game play is so short. Damn..... seriously I even played until I was level 39 beat Saren and Sovereign (sorry if spoilers) and you know what pissed me off the worst? THAT IT GIVE ME A HOLE TO MY HEART, I FINISHED IT IN 3 OR 2 DAYS I PLAYED IT DAY AND NIGHT NOW I AM LOST! and now I have no game to play again (well actually I am now downloading some games right now) 


Holy shit guys I am so sorry I haven't been posting lately you know cause its exam week and my god damn Wi-Fi is keep redirecting me from blogger so yeah that's pretty much it. SO let me give you some update what happens when I am not blogging

ok so at the time before exam week I already have a post that I want to publish but since my Wi-Fi didn't work I cant publish it.
So here it is 

so when my class have PE before the exam we play (as you can guess) softball. Nothing much really I just want to have this picture in my blog.

well I think thats it, I know its a short post but still at least I post something. Oh and after I am going to blog about mass effect 1.