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Friday, 16 October 2015

Skyrim FF : Daedra in Whiterun? (Journal Log : 7)

After I talked to Vilkas, I began to resent the Dragonborn for abandoning the Companions. But every time that I talked to Vilkas, he always look up to the Dragonborn. Even his last words when we parted ways is "If you go on your journey, and continued your research well. If you had the chance to meet him, tell him. THE CIRCLE IS WAITING FOR YOU HARBINGER."

From what I heard from Vilkas the Dragonborn is an unforgivable person that abandoned his companions, but Vilkas really don't think of it that way, Like he is somehow saved by the Dragonborn.

But that part of my journey is finished.

Now I'm moving on to my next research. I'm now at the city of Whiterun again, but I came here not to research on the Dragonborn.

Its something else.

There are rumors around that says a champion of Daedric prince was here. Its intriguing.

I also did some research on the Daedra myself. After I heard about the Oblivion Crisis that happened, I began to researched some information about the Daedra.

From what researched it seems like that there was a Daedric Artifact here! And the one that retrieved it became its champion.

That statement is still just a speculation of mine though.

It seems like my Dragonborn research is going to be postponed for a while.

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