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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Story Time Part 1

Ok guys I'm gonna opened up right now, I don't care if my friends gonna see it (not exactly though). Now its story time! Right now my feelings is kind of mixed u now, I'm gonna chase my first crush again (wohoo!!) but I'm still are kinda have feeling about my ex (damn) but first let me tell you some information about my first crush first I meet her when I was still kindergarten ( I guess...) oh wait it is! What I remembered back then with her that she kiss me back then (on the cheek...) It was because of my friends telling her what to do not because she likes me or something (but i was hoping she was....) and we went school together bla bla bla she moved at the 4th grade bla bla bla never talking again until now. And I still cant believe that she likes bieber shit! but you know for a girl there will always be an exception and that is hotness and she is hot so I don't mind.

To be continued.....