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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dude, Forgive Him/Her.

Dude if you have a best friend and stab you from the back, just give her/him a chance. Just think first before you remove him/her as your best friend or your friend. Just think, you removing a friend, your best friend he or she has been there when you are in a fun moment or a sad moment.If that you best friend or friend make a mistake I'm pretty sure that he or she doesn't mean it, if they do mean it than that mean he or she is isn't a good friend, or maybe he or she is forget about you or maybe you once hurt her or him so he or she is doing that for a revenge. Think first before you your friend or best friend those moment, those moment is part of your life then maybe he or she is gonna begging you to take her or him back and say "come on bro,can we be friends anymore?"or "please,I don't mean to do that, just please, can we be friends anymore?".If he or she begging you maybe its will be something like that.

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