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Monday, 4 July 2011

Are You Really Think You Can Accomplished That

People always saying their dreams that want to be a doctor, architect, painter, and others, but is it come true?. Almost all of your  dreams you been thinking since a little kid is didn’t come true, and why?. Because I think you didn’t want it enough. If you are a parent tell your kids to study what ever your kids are wanted to be, but then don’t force your kids to read some really hard books, just get some books that have allot of pictures and less words. Oh I almost forget don’t put your in front of a TV if your kid just watch allot he will be stupid(if watch cartoons).And besides you don’t have to rush now (well maybe) if you want to be something and just start now (because you see my awesome blog) that’s okay if you study or work hard enough  everything is not impossible if you are a hard worker,diligent, and charismatic I think you can accomplished your dreams well then just chased it until it come true.But then if you reading this then you will do it later then you are a DUMB ASS buddy and maybe your dreams is already come true don’t be so proud of it you still need to be a hard worker.

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