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Monday, 7 April 2014

Film Festival Indie (Judging Time)

Hellooooo everybody! Its me again with FFI, so here I am at my school hall watching videos from my other classes and.... I got to say some are pretty damn good. There is one from my upperclassmen X IPA 2 or 3 I do not remember too much, and from my other classmate at X IPS 2 and X IPS 1. If I am the judge my class will probably on the top 5 at number 4 or 3. And the weirdest thing happened when my short film was on is everybody is silent...... why is it weird perhaps? Because when I edited my class short film I felted like it was like some sort of a comedy material, and when its being previewed at my class everybody laughs too. So I am kind of confused, even I at the time kind of feel "wow what...... this isn't comedy, this is a serious film...." Which is kind of good by the way since I originally want a serious film but then.... it kind of an awkward time for me at the time. And so that is it for Film Festival Indie (FFI) I will continue later tomorrow because the winner is being announced. WISH US LUCK!!! (wow dude chill)

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