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Monday, 7 April 2014

My life of Adventure - 07/04/2014 Stormy day & Relaxing Evening

Hello there everybody! Its me again... soaked.... from the rain.... really wet.... anyway! Got a brain blast today at the rain "why don't I blog about every adventure I got so when I got old I can say "ahh good times.... good times" " yup I did say that in my mind. Soo before this I posted the Film Festival Indie (judging) right, and after all movie were played this huge ass storm came to my school and then after 10 to 15 minutes in front of my school is already became a flood..... yes you read that right a f*cking FLOOD (its not a big ass flood like what you see on TV its only 5 to 15 CM (yes I know I am complaining too much again) can you believe it?! After I just free from FFI editing pain in the neck, I had to get this kind of thing?! But its ok because of what will happen later. But first I got to tell you all something, yesterday I was told to buy some electricity token for my house but I didn't buy it because all of the stores that supossed to provide electricity token are... well you know can not provide it when I want to buy some (I know right?). Now back to school so I wait and wait and waited for like 20 minutes (yeah I know its not a lot and yes I know I complained to much) and then I am sick of waiting and said "you know what? its just some rain and a little flood I can do it" SO I walk and walk and walk through the flood and rain with my jacket a backpack and my flip flops, when I came to the first store I got to which is just across my school I asked "excuse me can I buy an electricity token?""Sorry, the machine is still down today" F*CK I WALKED ACROSS THE FLOOD AND IN THE RAIN AND THE F*CKING MACHINE IS DOWN?!! meh doesn't matter I go to another store which is like not so far like only 8 to 10 meters from that store. And you know the usual through the flood in the rain and when I got to the store you can guess what happened THE MACHINE IS........ not down it works but... it is too long I mean seriously it has a timeout sequence and it always taking too long *sigh* 
and so I henceforth and move on to an another store and the store that I know also sells some electricity token is close to my home so I took my motorcycle and ride *note : there is still a flood in front of my school and to make it worse I left my helmet home... *sigh the fucking rain hits my face so hard I still feel it in my face. I ride and ride until I got to the store and there is still a little flood on the road bla bla bla yada yada yada got there and nothing the machine is also down..... I almost gave up at the time I reached there, I mean seriously I could literaly just crawl to my house and get to bed.... ahhh damn and at that time I got that brain blast I told you about I think to myself "I'm not going to do much at home either, then why not? Why can't I have some little adventure? even though its just for buy some electricity token. And then I remember there is a similar store which is located near my school, I never buy an electricity token there before but what the heck I tried 
and as you can guess I came to the store soaking wet from the rain looked like a total idiot when I came to the store, do you know when a hobo is begging for some money and he is wet dirty and look liked a drunk? Well I kind of looked like that. only just you know I am wearing a jacket and all that
 but still looked like a hobo. As soon as I got to the cashier I asked "Is the machine down too here?""yes..... sorry, even other stores are down too" and then I snapped at the time thinking " so after all this time I drive around, getting wet through the rain and flood and gets nothing?" This is really the part that I want to go home, I don't care if I am going to get scolded because I've been given a responsibility to buy some electricity token. But I know me I am not the one that will gave up that easily, if there is too much of me I can't handle then I will gave up. So I took some courage and asked " so do you know anywhere else that I can Buy some electricity token?""umm.... I don't know but I think there is one at that mall over there (its like only 30 Meters from the store) its a stand in front of the escalator" Now it is just the moment of truth..... this is like literally my last option on buying an electricity token. So I walked there, get into the mall.............. reach the automatic door, go inside............... walk until the escalator and that moment when it happened "do you sell electricity token?" "why yes, yes we do" And THAT became the climax of the day, I am so happy at the time I finally did it after all that walking in the rain and flood 

Finally I reached the destination........ it maybe just a simple story of a boy that just having fantasies of an adventure but much joy was achieved on that day on that moment........... I even smiled when I am typing this

and after all of that I gone home...... and look at the view when I got home! It is such an amazing day....... after all that editing, walking, rain, flood, Its just doesn't matter anymore. And now I am going to enjoy this hot coco and my toasted bread it has been a long post for me I hope you enjoy and stay tuned to my next adventure!
Quote of the post : Don't Give Up! Keep reaching you goal until you're there, if you can't keep up you can always ask for help.