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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Skyrim FF : The Harbinger of the Companions (Journal Log : 6)

Vilkas said that the Dragonborn helped to avenge Kodlak, which resides here. He said if I knew Kodlak, I would have seen him right then.

The Dragonborn is the Harbinger of the Companions..... "Then why has he abandoned the Companions? " I asked Vilkas. Its irritating for me.

The Dragonborn is the leader of the companions! Then the companions should not be in this kind of state! In my heart I screamed, the Companions is a group of warriors that non can compete. So why? WHY IS THE COMPANIONS ARE ALL DISSAPEARED? 

"He didn't abandoned us, but he moved on. Just like Kodlak" Vilkas said to me.

"He has the entire world on his shoulder, we cannot follow him. We still continued to serve by his side, until the day that once struck like before. The Jorrvaskr is attacked again by the Silver Hand."

Vilkas then continued talking about what happened that day.

I already known this story on my travels, the mighty Companions downfall. After that attack by the Silver Hand, people began to spread rumors. That the Circle of the Companions are Werewolves.

And sometime later the circle confessed that they are what the people have said.

The people began to detest the Companions.

Then one night an angry mob began to gather in front of the Jorrvaskr. The circle member of the Companions gave up, and they began to leave the mead hall.

And after hearing Vilkas story I began to wonder.

Where is the Harbinger? Where is the one that has been trusted to lead the Companions? 


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