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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Skyrim FF : Newcomer of Jorrvaskr (Journal Log : 5)

After Vilkas surprised me I then told him what am I doing here.

"I see, so Tilma sent you here. Very well" said Vilkas.

He asked me to follow him, then he placed the Wuuthrad to the Ysgramor statue suddenly a door opens. While I was following him, he asks why am I so curious about the Dragonborn. I answered "I'm researching the Dragonborn." and he just nods.

While I was following him Vilkas then told me about the Dragonborn from his point of view. He said when the Dragonborn asks to join the companions, he objects. He said that the Companions should not just recruit everyone that wants to join, but Kodlak reassures him.

When we talked we go through a various of tombs, spider nest, then in the end we went to this hall with a fire in the center.

"This place is when he became the Harbinger" said Vilkas.

He? The Dragonborn is a man? And he is the companions Harbinger? That is ridiculous. There are no such things in the tales of the Dragonborn.

"How can someone like him became the Harbinger? Why not you?" I asked Vilkas.

"He is the bravest of us all, even though he was just a welp. He can carried the world on his shoulder"

Me and Vilkas sat down by the fire at the center of the hall, he then tells the story when Kodlak Whitemane died. Many people know this story. The story when the Jorrvaskr is ransacked by bandits.

The bandits that will come again.

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