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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Angry? And Can Not Control It ?

When you are in a rage mode you need to control it, don't use it to slam the door, smash the furniture and use it to yelled someone beneath you. You need to control it, if you can't control it you can get into trouble for example you can get fired if you yelled someone beneath you, you can be yelled by the neighbor next door if you lives in an apartment or hotel or maybe part of your family is annoy if you live in a house with your family if you slam a door, and you pay for that furniture man!! you want that being smashed but remembered that you pay for it and if you smashed a furniture and its turned out its your friends, part of your families, your roommate, and maybe its a stuff from work. You need to control it if you cant , you could lose your job, lose someone in your relationship. If you cant control it then you need to buy something that can erase your anger if there no stuff that can help you then call a shrink. If its still cant then buy a toy or a doll to smash it. But remember before you releases your anger to something or someone. Just think first OK ???

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