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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

You Dont Like It, But I Do

Do you whats wrong about this world? People is always comment everything we liked or hated. If I says I like "this" then someone will say "Really, you like "this"?, why?".Well you know what I like that if you don't like that then its your problem, and if you like that than I don't, that's my problem don't say "Why you doesn't like that. its the greatest thing in the world". That's my business don't interfere with your problems that you don't like, your not the boss of me. I'm the boss of myself no one can interfere with my personal things. So if I like it then you don't like it or I don't like it and you do than that's my business, and if you like it then I don't or you don't like it and I do then that's your problem.

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