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Monday, 11 November 2013

Thoughts From The Box : Assassins creed 4 : Black Flag (updated)

          Okay here is the post you've been waiting for the review on Assassins creed 4 : Black Flag, based on my opinions. Okay Assassins Creed 4 take place of Edward Kenway, Connor Kenway grand pappy the main character from Assassins Creed 3. I haven't play that much of Assassins Creed 4 but the playthrough is interesting and I definitely want to play more, there's something about the gameplay that makes me want to play more and its kind of different than the previous Assassins Creed.

       The controls seems to a little bit improved from Assassins Creed 3 and the controls for the boat is fascinating it certainly is easier than Assassins Creed 3. From the story that I already played it seems so interesting that makes you wonder what happen to Edward? How is his grand pappy a pirate and his grand son is a soldier who served the country? It soo interesting. And the map is freakishly big, it has a lot of islands that has treasures, maps and etc. And if you go around the first city you go, now we can have some assassination targets for some money to collect, and it really interesting because besides doing some main missions the side missions is pretty much enjoyable than the previous assassins creed game. Beside the assassination job if you already acquire your boat you can ask a bartender for some rumors or maybe just travel around the map collecting treasures, and others.
      Lets talk more about the ships, the ships is the one that really stand out in this game. The way you control the game way you control the ship is seem's to be improved, and more bad ass by the way and now you can go to other ships and steal their crew and their stocks, the thing that makes it even better is the upgrades and I will tell about that in the next paragraph.(First pictures! yeayy pictures)

        Now about the upgrade its kind of a different than the previous assassins creed now you are not only can upgrade your armor and weapons, now we can upgrade our ships which IS AWESOME. And the upgrades for the armor is became more interesting cause now you must obtained some certain materials for your upgrades, which is for me its really nice! To collect materials for your upgrades is certainly is better than just buy the upgrade (on my opinion though) and because of the material collecting for upgrades this makes the upgrade makes it more cheap.
       Man I would like to talk more about the story but then SPOILER ALERTS and I dont want to ruined your game. If you dont have the game just buy it, its really worth it. Soo here is my conclusion :

STORY         : 4.5 OUT OF 5
MUSIC/FX  : 4.5 OUT OF 5
DIALOGUE  : 4.2 OUt OF 5

And that is Thoughts From the Box today later I will review something..... I dont know what but something