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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Skyrim FF : One of the Companions (Journal Log : 4)

One day, I go to the mead hall of Jorrvaskr to meet Tilma the Haggard again. But she rejected me, she said,

"I have no more stories for you deary. But you seem so determined, so I think you should meet him."

Tilma the Haggard said that I should meet someone that can explain more about the Dragonborn. I don't know who he is but I've been sent to go to Ysgramor tomb.

I don't know who to expect there.

I go to Ysgramor tomb, its an ancient place. Its covered in webs, and dirt.

But somehow its clean? Not the type of clean that most people think, but the ruins here are like neat.

I go to the center of the entrance to look at the Ysgramor statue, and this statue is not covered in webs or dirt.

Its bizzare.

I know that I supposed to meet someone here, but I didn't expect that someone is living here.

I heard a scream "WHO'S THERE?!"

I looked to my back and there I saw a person, holding the Wuuthrad in his hand.

Its Vilkas

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