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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Skyrim Fan Fiction : After the Dragonborn Came (Journal log : Introduction)

We all know who he is, the one who has the body of a mortal but a soul of a dragon.


We all know what the dragonborn did, once a prisoner but a hero the next day. The dragonborn escapes from the world eater Alduin, then slain the great Alduin. Solved the Skyrim civil war from the Imperials and the Stormcloak. But now the days of the dragonborn is over, now there is only whispers of the dragonborn really exist. Was it just a myth? Does the dragonborn really exist in this times? If the dragonborn is real, then where is he now? More like a legend than truth to me. Now let me tell you my story, my journal finding the truth. Or maybe the dragonborn itself.

Much has happened after the events of the dragonborn coming to skyrim. Some say that he is a hist blood (Argonian), a mer (Elf race), or a human. More and more that I learn about the dragonborn the more that I wonder, can a mortal be this bounded with fate this much? From what I learned with the locals of Riverwood, that the dragonborn comes to this village searching for a place to stay. But can one really met a guy who has ties with the locals of Riverwood and also the one who will set him free from the fate on the execution block? Only time will see.