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Friday, 18 September 2015

Skyrim FF : Kynareth Blessing (Journal : Log 2)

There are a lots of things that I heard from the Whiterun locals about the Dragonborn. But the first one that I researched is the Gildergreen tree that has been revived.

Until now I never know that the one that revived the Gildergreen is actually the Dragonborn! The story of the revival of the Gildergreen that most people know, is revived by Maurice Jondrelle. When I ask the priest that's in charge of the Temple of Kynareth on Whiterun said that "The previous priest ask the kindly stranger to revived the Gildergreen, she asks the kindly stranger to retrieve the Nettlebane on orphan rock. And ask to retreive the Eldergleam sap." Nettlebane is known by the only blade that can be used to retrieved the sap of the Eldergleam. With this information I know where I must go next.

I go to the Eldergleam Sanctuary to know what the Dragonborn did. The Eldergleam Sanctuary is a beautiful place, it really is a place that Kynareth blessed.

Once I got in I ask the pilgrims there about what the Dragonborn did, the pilgrims were angry at me "Don't you dare to tell that name in here again! He has defiled this blessed sanctuary!" I was shocked.

The priest that in charge of the Temple of Kynareth is Whiterun did not tell me this story. For a priest of Kynareth she should have known better what it means by retrieving the sap from the Gildergreen.

And then I ask about Maurice Jondrelle to the other pilgrims there. They told me that he conviced the Dragonborn to bring a sapling  to the priest of Temple Kynareth in Whiterun.

Now here is when truth becomes cloudy, if Maurice Jondrelle convinced the Dragonborn to just take the sapling from the Gildergreen, then why the pilgrims there still hates the Dragonborn? And how come a mere man like Maurice Jondrelle can make the Gildergreen grow a sapling just by praying to it?

From what I researched I think that the Dragonborn is more tangled with fate more than I think. The Dragonborn did not just slain the world eater, but the Dragonborn also confronts with the divines themselves. The divines helped the Dragonborn to meet his or her destiny.

The more that I researched the Dragonborn, the more I became interested of the Dragonborn. Now I wrote this in an inn in Whiterun called the Bannered Mare. I will continue my research tomorrow.

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