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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Skyrim FF : Start in the Journey (Journal : Log 1)

When I was at Riverwood I went and ask the locals what the Dragonborn did in this village. The locals says that the Dragonborn only went here to get some rest. But the people who has sheltered the Dragonborn is still unknown. Some says that the blacksmith Alvor, and some says the lumber mill owner Gerdur sheltered the Dragonborn. And now the two of them is no where to be found. Some says that they moved, but why? Both of them have saved the Dragonborn, that should be an honor. Or is it? The one that says that is naive. At that time maybe its a courageous act. But seen from the current time, its a misfortune act even just meeting the Dragonborn. There are cults of the Dragonborn, they worshiped the Dragonborn like a god! They think that the Divines sent the Dragonborn to save Tamriel, and these cults are dong nothing but an annoyance. "He saved us from the world eater! The Dragonborn is rightful ruler of Tamriel! No! He belongs to be side by side with the Divines!" I quote from a Dragonborn cultist. Even though we still don't know what the gender of the Dragonborn is, they think that a man is a more suitable figure for a god.

After I finished my work on Riverwood I continued my research. From the tales that I heard and read, the Dragonborn goes to the city of Whiterun next. Here the Dragonborn says to helped the Jarl by retrieving the dragon stone and slain its first dragon in the western watchtower of Whiterun. But the one that intrigues me is not the legend instead the truth. I asked the locals to do further of my research, and surprisingly the Dragonborn here is mostly not known by "Slayer of the world eater" but "the kindly stranger." Why? That still needs further research.

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